Fancy Silk Saree


fancy new saree

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Saree Fabric : Cotton

Blouse : Running Blouse

Blouse Fabric : Cotton

Pattern : Embroidered

Blouse Pattern : Woven Design

Multipack : Single

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Fancy Silk Saree

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The Kanjeevaram Silk sarees from Tamil Nadu are famous for their vibrant colours and temple-patterned borders. These are popular as bridal sarees in South India. However, these sarees have also gained popularity in North India
Bangalore Silk is known for its simplicity, purity, and texture of Silk, which is meticulously produced in the silk farms of Bangalore, Karnataka. These farms have existed for several years and have progressed immensely with the passage of time and renovations in the textile industries
The traditional Khun weave, also known as 'Khana', boasts an intricate brocade-like pattern that adds beauty to the saree. These distinct patterns feature small, delicate motifs, typically handwoven onto the saree. Cotton silk and cotton blend fabrics are used in the making of these unique ethnic wear options.



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