Silk Patola Saree


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Saree Fabric : Silk

Blouse : Separate Blouse Piece

Blouse Fabric : Silk

Pattern : Woven Design

Multipack : Single

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Silk Patola Saree

There are two types of Patola sarees. Rajkot Patola: This is only vertically resisting dyed (single ikkat). Patan Patola: This is horizontally-resist dyed (double ikkat).
Why is Patan Patola so expensive? Patan Patola price can go upto two lakh ruppes. It is a rare weave and an age-old tradition in Gujarati households for the bride to wear this saree. The reason this saree has become so expensive is its rarity and the amount of time and effort it takes in producing each saree.
Like Ikat, Patola too uses a resist-dye method to achieve the distinctive patterns on the fabric. The difference being that Patola is essentially made using a double Ikat method with the warp and weft threads woven in different patterns before resist dying them.
For a Patola silk look for the locking system at the back of the sari which is a mark of genuineness. 5. The colour of a Patola silk saree will never fade away and it is also believed that their colour stays for atleast 300 years.



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